Operation start: 1936

Altitude above the sea level: 1,063 m

Pressure (h): 169մ

Installed / available capacity: 102 MW / 89.5 MW

Turbines: 4 x 12.5 MW + 2 x 26 MW

Average annual production: 93.2 GWh

Open diversion canals: 8,529 m

Diversion tunnels: 4,132 m

Operation regime: The whole year


The Kanaker HPP is the fifth stage of the Sevan-Hrazdan Cascade. It is located on the left bank of the Hrazdan river.

Diversion is of mixed type. The estimated consumption is 70 cubic meters per second, the time of water to reach the place by diversion is 90 minutes.

The Daily Regulation Basin is used to cover the maximum loads of the power system and to be used in emergency working procedures. Water can be taken from here both for the irrigation needs and for the technical needs of nearby factories. The capacity of the basin is 150,000 cubic meters, the energy capacity is 50,000 kWh.

The estimated water consumption of the plant is 75 cubic meters per second.

The rehabilitation of dams, filters, canals, tunnels, daily regulation basin and a number of electrical equipment was carried out with the help of a privileged loan provided by the KfW Bank to the Republic of Armenia in 2000-2003. N5 and N6 hydro units of the HPP have been also restored and modernized.