Environment and safety

The hydro power plants of the Sevan Hrazdan Cascade operated by the “International Energy Corporation” CJSC are located along the Hrazdan River, using both the waters of the Hrazdan River and its tributaries and the waters released from Lake Sevan for the irrigation needs. Taking into account the primary role of the protection of the ecosystem of Lake Sevan for the Republic of Armenia, the "IPC" CJSC pays special attention to the protection of the environment, the efficient use of the water released from Lake Sevan and the reduction of water losses. With this purpose one of the most prestigious international organizations, i.e. the “International Finance Corporation”, a member of the World Bank Group, has been ordered to study the possibilities of the optimal water use for the benefit of the republic's irrigation and energy systems.

The basic principles of environmental and social policy of the "IPC" CJSC are based on the principles of sustainable development at all the stages of the life cycle activities of the "IPC" CJSC. The issues of life and health protection of both the employees of the company and the population of the affected communities are primary in them.

The "IPC" CJSC undertakes to continuously reduce the negative impact on the environment.

In order to achieve the mentioned goals, the "IPC" CJSC has undertaken to invest the following:

  • The International ISO 14001 standard (the environment management system), which will ensure the implementation of production taking into account impacts on the environment and will allow the company to control the impact of the production process on the environment, as well as to continuously improve that impact,
  • The International ISO 45001 standard (the work safety and health management system), owing to which the conditions connected with the workplaces health and safety will be improved.

The targeted raise of the professional level of the employees of the "IPC" CJSC is one more priority of the "IPC" CJSC. This is related both to the employees of the sphere of management, work and environmental safety, and to the technical safety employees.

The company also pays a special attention to the issues on reducing the number of accidents, as well as increasing the preparedness of the staff on responding to those situations.