Special tactical training in Kanaker HPP


On June 9 2022 the "International Energy Corporation" CJSC, jointly with the 2nd group of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia and the fire brigade No. 5 was held "Organization of firefighting activities in the Kanaker-HPP" special tactical training. The special tactical training was conducted in 3 stages, which included: announcements to the training participants, implementation of responsibilities according to the operative fire-fighting plan; initial firefighting activities by the staff of the station, main firefighting activities. As a result of special tactical training the practical skills of the staff of "Kanaker" HPP and 5th firefighting brigade Improved their skills, the readiness of the staff of "Kanaker" HPP was increased, the management and coordination during fire improved; the degree of readiness of the shift units of "Kanaker" HPP and No. 5 brigade to solve the fire-tactical problems set before them was verified. All the measures envisaged by the educational issues have been implemented, and appropriate instructions have been given to the staff.