IEC CJSC investments in Cascade rehabilitation underway


"International Energy Corporation" CJSC continues to effectively implement the planned construction and repair works aimed at increasing the reliability of the Sevan-Hrazdan cascade and ensuring operation safety. In particular, in 2020-2022, 2.8 km of diversion canal No. 2 of "Hrazdan" HPP was rehabilitated. No rehabilitation works were carried out in this section for decades. Rehabilitation of administrative buildings of hydroelectric power plants, DRPs, underground stations, and horizontal halls was carried out. The gas shelters of "Argel" and "Kanaker" HPPs have been restored, all the derivation canals have been repaired. The IEC also conducted pressure pipeline painting, restoration of inflow and outflow canals, restoration of secondary canal slopes, etc. IEC CJSC plans to continue investments aimed at the rehabilitation of the San-Hrazdan cascade.