Cooperation with International Finance Corporation


The “International Power Corporation” CJSC signed a contract with the “International Finance Corporation” (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, according to which the latter will carry out a comprehensive study by the order of the "IPC" CJSC to assess the volume of the necessary investments in the Hrazdan Cascade, to determine their priority and the evaluation of the technical-economic substantiation. The scope of the study will also include the study of the possibilities of reducing the water losses in the irrigation system, the calculation of the technical-economic substantiation of the actions aimed at their reducing, as well as the identification of the possibilities of the increase of the production efficiency of the "IEC" CJSC.
The contract was signed in February 2021, and the work is expected to be completed within six months. As a result of the works, the medium-term investment program of the "IEC" CJSC for 2020-2027 will be compiled.