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Yerevan HPP - I
Yerevan HPP - I  - the sixth stage of the cascade located in the boundary of Yerevan city. The structures of HPP includes:
  - headworks,
  - diversion pressure tunnel,
  - power house and switchyard.

 Headworks consist of rip-rap weir. The volume of the reservoir is equal to 320.0 thous. m3. It has two layer spillway designed for maximum irrigation discharges. Water intake orders with left pier of the spillway from which the diversion pressure channel starts.
 Diversion pressure tunnel with the length of 2.75km and diameter of 4.4 m, turns to an inclined underground penstock with the length of 280.0m. The tunnel divides into two runs which brings the water to two units. At the end of the pressure tunnel, there is an underground ferroconcrete surge chamber.
Two units with vertically located radial-axial turbines with the capacity of 22.0 MW are installed in the power house. Two floor Switchyard is located on the station area.    Yerevan HPP enables to have a considerable maneuverability in the daily regulation od loads, provides electricity supply of Yerevan city centre and all VIP consumers (National Assembly, President House, Government House, Embassies, subway, hospitals etc.). Taking into consideration its importance in the production of electrical energy, the state of equipment and hydotechnical constructions the Company made a decision to rehabilitate the plant at the expense of loan means.
   The rehabilitation program has been prepared. According to this program the headworks and penstock will be rehabilitated; the generators, runners, transformers and 6 kV cubicles will be replaced. It is planned to construct a SHPP with the capacity of 4,0-4,5 MW on the territory of Yerevan HPP which will allow to produce electrical energy in the summer irrigation period.
   The rehabilitation of the plant will enable to increase the capacity of the single unit on 1.5-1.8 MW due to the replacement of old runners with the new modern ones. The increase of capacity of existing units and installation of SHPP will enable to increase the production of electrical energy approximately by 7,0 mln. kWh per year and provide uninterrupted electricity supply of Yerevan centre and VIP consumers.
SHPP will raise the work reliability of the plant itself as well as of the whole energy system.

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