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Sevan HPP
Sevan HPP  - the first stage of the Cascade implementing functions of water intake from Lake Sevan.
  It consists of:
- shore intake structure equipped with the fish protection structure, intake cannel,
- water intake of the 2nd stage, taking water directly for the plant,
- underground penstock,
- underground plant building,
- tailrace channel,
- switchyard,
- ground control building.

Shore intake structure, equipped with the fish protection device is a water intake with three openings, three fish passes which are connected with the fish accumulator tank which in its turn connects to the spill tunnel of fries. Shore intakes structure provides the water discharges from Lake Sevan for the plant and spill of fries back to the lake without injuring them. This has a significant environmental importance for Lake Sevan. Headrace channel is laid along the lake bottom. It is ground type.

Water intake of the 2nd stage has two separating intakes openings one located on a distance of 32 m from another and closed with two gates. Underground penstock in front of HPP building divides into four runs for bringing the water into turbines and two needle gates.


HPP building of underground type is located on the depth of 100,0 m from the ground surface and consists of two blocks – turbine and water-discharge. In the water-discharge block two needle gates are located, which provide the intake of the necessary quantity of water through the plant in case of emergency shutdown. Two units with radial-axial turbines are situated in the building. Design capacity of each unit is 17,0 MW but because of the decrease of Sevan Lake level by 18,0 m available capacity of each hydro unit amounts to about 12,0 MW.


 One small unit (320 kW) is also installed in the in the plant which allows the quick manual start of the plant after emergency. At the side of lower tail-water turbine block joins to the disengaging chamber, which turns into gravity tunnel in 5,5 km in length, turning into supplying channel of Hrazdan HPP.

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