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Kanaker HPP
Kanaker HPP  - the fifth stage of the Cascade and a first-born of the Power System of the Republic of Armenia and Cascade.
  The plant structures include:
  - headworks,
  - diversions,
  - daily pond and head pond,
  - penstock,
  - spillway,
  - powerhouse,
   - switchyard and control panel.

Headworks include a concrete spillway dam equipped with four automatic sector gates, two pouring sluice with bottom openings, covered by vertical gates, water inlet with two openings equipped with vertical shield.
Diversion – of gravity flow type with the total length of 12.6km, from which the canals length is 8.5 km, and tunnels length is 4.1km. The volume of daily pond is 150 000 m3 and it separated from the end part of diversion (peak canal) by sluice with bottom openings. The head pond hydraulically connected with daily pond includes pressure chamber from which four turbine penstocks start. It also has mud and ice sluice and a siphon type spillway. Four penstock runs closed with vertical shields originate from the general pressure chamber. The first and the second penstock (each of them) are feeding two units each with 12.5 MW, the third and the forth ones each are feeding two units with 25 MW.
In 1978-80 the station penstocks were replaced. Spillway is a concrete open type construction. A siphon type spillway enables to discharge water automatically when reaching the maximum admissible level. There are six hydro units with vertical radial-axis turbines installed in the Power House. 110kV switchyard and control panel are above the Power House. Availability of Daily pond in Kanaker HPP enabled to have a large maneuverability in the daily regulation of power system loads and removal of short-time peaks.
This station has a strategic importance. It provides Yerevan city with irrigation and industrial water supply.
After more than 60 years of operation the main equipment of Kanaker HPP has been morally and physically worn out. That is why the station current repairs did not lead to the necessary results. The equipment deterioration was a result of its use with low efficiency, in compare with the factory values. The whole water supply system was in poor condition. I-st stage units were partially rehabilitated within the frames of program, financed by USAID, Energy pour l’Armenie and Aznavour pour l’Armenie in 1993-1995.
Between 1994-1995 the German consulting company Lahmeyer international was invited by the Ministry of Energy of RA and German Bank KfW for investigation of the condition of hydro power plants of Armenia. According Lahmeryer’s investigation implemented together with the specialls of “Armenergo” and “Armhydroenergodesigh” the first priority for the execution of rehabilitation works was given to Kanaker HPP.
   Investigational Agreements on Financial Cooperation between the Governments of Germany and Armenia on amounts of 100 mln. DM, 15 mln. Dm and 10 mln.DM included on July 25, 1997 and April 11, 2001. After ratification of the a.m. package of documents Fichtner Consulting Company in association with Knight& CES was selected as a Project Consultant.
  In the result of tender the Program General Contractor was selected Alstom Power Generation. Program Civil Subcontractor was “Arpa-Sevan” JSC. General Designer “ArmHydroEnergyProject” CJSC.
Within the frames of “Rehabilitation Program of Kanaker HPP” the following main works done: rehabilitation of weir, diversion canals of Daily Pond, pressure chamber with spillway with its mechanical and electrical equipment. Power House, Substation buildings as well as the cable gallery were overhauled. Replacement of generation 5 and 6 (second stage) with the installation of new digital speed governors and oil system was carried out. All cables and low voltage AC&DC devices were replaced.
 The rehabilitation works on Kanaker HPP were done generally during 2001-2003. During the rehabilitation works in the period of high water level the plant was operated without idle spills.
Efficient organization of work allows to provide also the irrigation and technical water supply during rehabilitation works.

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