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2016 production           405.464  mln kWh
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Hrazdan HPP
Hrazdan HPP  - the 2nd stage of the Cascade.
It consists of the following structures:
- open-flow intake system,
- head-pond,
- penstocks,
- spillway,
- HPP building,
- open-air substations.

 Open-flow intake system with total length of 15,1 km includes 3 channels with the total length of 7785m and two tunnels with the length of 6370m. The head-pond of usual structure has an ice slice and siphon type according to the unit numbers. It also has two openings for penstocks.

Spillway of the usual stricture is with triangular section. The availability of the siphon spillway allows to spill the water automatically in case of increasing the maximum admissible level.

Metal penstocks are two-needled, consist of surface area with the length of 100,0 m , two vertical pit with depth of 82 m, and the last area which is a horizontal tunnel with the steal shell.

HPP building of usual structure. Two hydro units with radial-axis turbines with the capability of 40,8 MW are installed in the building.

330/220/110/kV open-air substation is a tie-station of Energy System of the Republic of Armenia. With it’s help the intersystem links of the energy system between the Republic of Armenia and adjoining States were provided and might be provided in future.

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