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2016 production           405.464  mln kWh
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Arzni HPP
Arzni HPP   -   the forth stage of Cascade
  The structures include:
     - Headworks,
     - Diversions,
     - Headpond,
     - Spillway,
     - Penstock,
      - Power house and switchyard.

Headworks of Arzni HPP include the massive concrete dam (with the fixed rollway part), water intake with two openings closed with vertical gates and two flushing galleries. Weir creates the Argel water reservoir (150.0 thous. m3).

 Gravity flow waterway with the length of 8km going along the bank includes 2 channels with the total length of 4.1 km and 2 channels with the total length equal to 3.8 km that includes 2 aqueducts.

Headpond includes siphon spillway, water outlet to Arzni-Shamiram Channel and the opening for the penstock with its forebay.

Syphon spillway made from concrete is of the open-surface type that allows rspilling the water automatically when reaching the maximum level.

Penstrock is of combined type. Surge tank excluding the hydraulic hammer and 100m vertical shaft located at the end of the open-surface metallic part. Further there are three horizontal culverts (waterways) that supplies the water to 3 turbines.

 Power house and the switchyard are of the underground type and located on the depth of 100m above surface level. On the cavern level there is a horizontal culvert, which goes outside of building. There are 3 hydrounits (23.5 MW each) with radial-axial turbines installed in the machine hall.

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