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Argel HPP
Argel HPP  -  the third the most powerful Hydro Power Plant not only in Cascade but also in the Energy system of Armenia.
  The plant structure includes:
  - Headworks,
  - Gravity flow diversions,
  - Daily pond and head pond,
  - Penstocks,
  - Spillway,
  - Power house,
  - Switchyard.

Headworks include a fixed rip rap weir the loamy surface, which forms Akhpara water reservoir of decade regulations with the full capacity of 5.6 mln.m3 and active capacity of 4.1 mln.m3.

For releasing the maximum discharge during the high water season and washing of loads there is two-stage spillway placed on the left bank. Transversely to the spillway there is a diversion water intake with 3 openings.

 In order to avoid the sedimentation of water reservoir it shall be constantly cleaned from loads and silt with the help of hydraulic dredge.

Akhpara water reservoir provides the safety of the population area located in the lower parts during the high water season and has a beneficial impact on the environment of the region.

Gravity flow diversions consists of 4 tunnels with the total length of 11.6km and 3 channels with the length of 6.5km. At the end of diversion there is a feeder sluice from which the water comes to the pressure chamber and to the Daily Pond (capacity 3000.0 thous.m3). at the maximum water level in the surge chamber and in the Daily Pond automatic water overflow takes place through the gates to the spillway.

 Spillway with the total length of 1010 m was reconstructed between 1998-1999. On May 4, 1995 there was a landslide at the opening spillway due to continuous rainfalls and weak, liable to the landslip foundation soils. During the 10-15 minutes the plant was flooded with the silt flow with the huge mass of solid particles (the volume of rocks and ground, as it was later on estimated was amounted to 300,0 thousm3) up to the upper level of machine hall. Relief of Hrazdan River was changed in the alignment of the plant. The slit of flow closed the gorge formation of new dam. Due to proper organization and twenty-four-hour self-sacrificing work of staff the first unit of the plant was commissioned in 6 months after disaster. During the period of 1996-1997 the investigation works on the definition of the new spillway trench were carried out its project was done. During the next 2 years a spillway was constructed and commissioned according to the new project. Open Surface Power House is located on the left bank of Hrazdan River. There are 4 radial-axial units with the capacity of 56.0 MW each installed in the plant.

After emergency in 1995 considerable rehabilitation works were done in the plant: stator windings were changed on units No. 3 and 4; new up to date digital governors was installed on the same units for the first time in the Armenian Energy System, 8 old circuit breakers were replaced with modern SF6 type etc. During 2005-2006 the Company plans, at its own expense, to make a complete rehabilitation of the plant namely: to replace worn out generator No. 2, to replace the remaining 6 sets of old HV 110kVswitches with SF6 ones; to install modern digital governors on the units No 1 and No 2.

Argel HPP is a unique strategic plant of Armenian Energy System. The water reservoir and the Daily Pond enable the station to have a considerable maneuverability in the daily regulation and removal of peak loads of the energy system. Equipped with the modern systems the plant regulates frequency of the plant: devices for automatic start, increase or decrease of loads, depending from the frequency in the energy system are installed on the units. The plant provides direct power supply of auxiliary needs of Armenian Nuclear Plant promoting its reliability.

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