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«IEC» CJSC statistics
Total capacity              561 MW   
2016 production           405.464  mln kWh
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“International Energy Corporation” CJSC

“International Energy Corporation” CJSC was registered in the Republic of Armenia on 8th May 2003 and became the first generating company INTER RAO EES. On 17th July 2003 the company acquired the property of “Sevan-Hrazdan Cascade” CJSC and on 24thMarch 2011 “RusHidro” JSC, according to the strategy of acquisition and development of hydrogenating assets abroad acquired shares of “MEK” CJSC.

“MEK” CJSC is one of the main electricity producers in Armenia. The property complex of “International Energy Corporation” CJSC includes 7 hydropower plants of Sevan-Hrazdan Cascade, located on the river Hrazdan in the Republic of Armenia. The plants utilize the natural flow of Hrazdan river as well as the irrigation water discharges from the Lake Sevan. All the hydropower plants of cascade are in a working condition. Installed capacity is 561 MW, and production and technological capacity is 500 million kWh, which is about 10% of domestic consumption of the Republic of Armenia. Hydropower plants on the assigned functions of daily regulation grid and emergency reserve. The usage of water from the Lake Sevan and from the River Hrazdan (besides the production of electrical energy) allows to irrigate up to 70% of agricultural lands in the Republic of Armenia and to provide the industrial water supply of the cities. The irrigation and energetic water discharges from the Lake Sevan annually give an opportunity for guaranteed irrigation and production on cascade from 400,0 to 700,0 million kW hours annually.

From the first day of its existence the Company has pursued and is pursuing the policy of rehabilitation and technical modernization of Cascade’s plants with the improvement of work and payment conditions. New office of the company corresponding to the modern standards was built during the shortest period of time (during 2004). Technical and engineering staff of the company has been fully selected from the personnel of “Sevan-hrazdan Cascade” CJSC having a good practical experience in the energy system of Armenia and Russia. The company participated in rehabilitation works in other republics and implements technical and economic audit with the issue of complete complex of recommendations, technical, legal, tax and financial solutions for another companies. The company exports the electrical energy to the Republic of Georgia and if necessary, may arrange electrical energy export to the adjoining States.

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